Communion Partners (Briarpatch Press, 1986)

Anson County (Williams & Simpson, Inc. 1989, and Press 53, 2013)

The Feast of All Saints (Nightshade Press, 1994)

This Metal (St. Andrews College Press, 1996, and Press 53, 2012)

Land of Amnesia (Press 53, 2009)

Restoring Sacred Art (Star Cloud Press, 2010)

Sonnets of the Cross (Jacar Press, 2013)

Concertina (Mercer University Press, 2013)


East Liberty (Banks Channel Books, 2001)

Coventry (Novello Festival Press, 2006)

Short stories:

The High Heart (Eastern Washington University Press, 2007)


They Changed the State: The Legacy of North Carolina’s Visiting Artists, 1971-1995 (N.C. Arts Council, 2007).


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