State Poet Laureate Entertains, Teaches Elkin Students

Published February 10, 2014 in

Staff report

The seventh Poet Laureate of North Carolina, Joseph Bathanti, gave a talk with narrative poetry readings from works penned by his own hand, and led an ask and answer segment with Elkin students and staff as Friday’s audience at Elkin High School.

A native of Pittsburgh, Penn., Bathanti told his audience that it was during high school that he seriously became interested in poetry. While a student at Central Catholic High School from 1967-71, Bathanti’s attention was drawn to the literary magazine “Spectrum.”

In an opening moment of serious reflection, combined with humor, Bathanti said he was drawn to the craft initially “Because the guys with the poems in the magazine got attention from the girls.”

The reason seemed good enough for Elkin students. Many laughed while some nodded their heads in approval.

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