Bull City Summer: “Lucky Strike”

Photo by Frank Hunter

Photo by Frank Hunter

Bull City Summer covered all 72 home games at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park during the 2013 season,  the 25th anniversary of the hit movie Bull Durham.  The results — in literary writing and art photography — updated the brand created by that movie for this historic minor league baseball franchise. Joseph Bathanti was in the stands to pen this original work.  His son, Beckett,  joined in with Nine Innings in Durham. 

Lucky Strike

Josmil Pinto is 7-10 with two doubles and an RBI in his first three major league games.

  • John Sickels
  • From SB Nation: Minor League Baseball

A gray gloveless Rochester Red
Wings coach fires straight balls
from a wire bin, one

after another, splitting the plate.
He stands two yards down
from the mound, behind a screen

that shields him from liners
that would kill him before
he even completes his wind-up.

That close to his batters, his purpose
is to give them what they want.
It’s the 5th of August, thirty

or so games left to a season
started in Lent. Not merely
a game of attrition;

but, as we’ve all heard, again
and again, like a Buddhist proverb,
a game of inches, random as I Ching…

[continue reading at http://bullcitysummer.org/lucky-strike/]


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